Music for the Labyrinth


Harp Duo for Labyrinths ~ Portia Diwa and Diana Stork have played for decades at labyrinths through the World. They are featured every year at Grace Cathedral’s popular December Labyrinth Walk. Listen to their harp duo on their CD, Music from the Labyrinth. For a Special Event, they are available to play at your Labyrinth. They can include bringing their canvas labyrinth upon request.

Diana and Portia have completed a cd "Music from the Labyrinth - from Chartres to Grace" of original arrangements and original music to inspire contemplative labyrinth walks.


“Music from the Labyrinth” is always among our most popular items–it is my personal favorite to listen to in the Veriditas office! ~ Jenny Slama

A stunning cd! I played it at my workshop, and it inspired everyone to dive into deeper inner reflection and connection to oneself and others. i love that it has a labyrinth that can be removed from the CD pocket and used for meditation along with the music. It is a real treasure! ~ Rhonda Gerhardt, Therapist, Sonoma County CA

I write this under my headset while I listen to Music from the Labyrinth.
It is lovely! Thank you so much for staying true to your creative fires along
with the hard work and guts it takes to birth a creative project of such fine quality
as this. I was looking for new music to write by when I reopen my book. This will be at the top of my list for sure. Many thanks for the lovely gift of your work. ~ Lauren Artress, Founder, Veriditas, and the international Labyrinth movement.

As a drummer coming from hard rock and world music traditions,  I was surprised at how captivating I found Music from the Labyrinth to be. My favorite aspect of this recording is how Diana Stork and Portia Diwa’s exquisite harp playing seamlessly interact. Two distinct-sounding instruments, yet I find myself not unable to tell where one harp’s sound ends and the other begins. Perfect counterparts. ~Andy Graham, Musician, Recording artist, Producer

I love your “Music from the Labyrinth” album. I’ve been listening to it repeatedly since I got it. ~ Charlotte Bear, Director, Suncrest hospice

Portia Diwa